Specialty name: “Pediatrics”

Specialty code: 1-79-01-02

Duration of study: 6 years

Form of Study: Full-time

Study language:Tajik, Russian

Qualification:“Doctor – pediatrician”

In the middle of the 20th century, in the Republic increases the need in training of Pediatricians. On account of absence to the lack of a pediatric faculty, pediatricians from among the students of the medical faculty began to prepare at the institute. Pediatricians were trained through subordination at the Children’s Diseases Department, which was established in 1941.

In 1958/1959 pediatric faculty was opened for the first time in the associate professor A. M. Pilosov. He made a great contribution to the organization and development of the faculty. To accelerate the training of pediatricians, the 2-nd and the 3-rd courses of the pediatric faculty were organized among the best students of the medical faculty.

In the same year, the first independent set of 76 students was held. The first pediatric faculty was organized, which was incharge G.E. Levina. Later in 1964, two more departments of internal diseases were organized (head of the department was professor M.X. Bobochojaev) and children’s surgery (head of the department was professor is A. T. Pulatov).

At Pediatric faculty worked dean who were well-known not only in our republic but even abroad medical employees as associate professor N.Kh. Khashimov , professor F.A.Abdurakhmonov, professor U.I.Datkhaev, assistant professor I.Y. Yuldashev , associate professor M.K. Karimov, professor N.F.Fayzuloev, associate professor E.S. Shermatov.

Since 1996, the dean was Associate Professor P. Sh. Ashurova and then associate professor L.A. Babaeva. In 2014-2015 academic year again resumed the pediatric faculty. Currently the faculty is headed by a professor M.S.Tabarov.

During the existents of the pediatric faculty, more than 6000 pediatricians were graduated of our university. Today at, the departments of the pediatric profiles work scientists – professors and associate professors who made in invaluable contribution to the organization and development of the pediatric service of the republic, such as Mirakilova A.M., Z.KH.Yakubova, N.F. Fayzuloev , K.I.Ismailov, A.A.Azizov, M.N.Juraev, A.V.Vohidov, B.N.Shigolev, Z.K.Umarova, A.A. Azizov. These scientists still stay for the protection of our future – for our children. We should not forget about those professors who devoted their entire lives to the development of pediatrics in our university – S.M.Kabulova, M.M.Yakubova, B.Y.Valushkin, Z.Y.Abdullokhojaev, S.B.Boboev,- who for many years were headed the departments of the pediatric profile.

Rich medical experience and experience accumulated in the field after post diploma degree, such a Pleiad of our scientists will allow the formation of a medical approach for future doctors of pediatricians, aimed at early diagnosis of diseases and treatment of a sick child, and not a diseases. The future of our children should be in safe hands.

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